Why Herman Cain Should Not Be President (Pt. 1)

There has recently been a lot of buzz about Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain in the past couple weeks. When I first heard of his tax reform plan, while I had my initial doubts, I felt like it was a great step in the right direction: who wants complicated tax codes? However in the past few weeks we have found that it is not as simple as we thought (more on this in part 2).

Furthermore there seems to be some major drama around Cain’s character. I in no way want a sexual harasser and misogynist in presidency (there are way too many in Congress in the first place!). It was recently revealed that in the 90’s Herman Cain had settled out of court with a woman who accused him of sexual harassment. Then when asked about this settlement he initially denied these claims, and then affirmed them merely hours later.

Now more women have come forward with sexual harassment and sexual assault accusations, with Cain not just dismissing these claims, but actively attacking the accusing women. He not only released information about Sharon Bialek’s employment history, but has now released a website called CainTruth actively discrediting her and the unnamed accusers. He is turning the accusations onto her, implying that she has a sexual ‘history’. Of course this allegation of her possibly being a sexual predator is only known through ‘elevator talk’.

He is trying much too hard to discredit these women. A truly professional politician, when faced with charges such as this, would most effectively repudiate claims by simply denying them and then ignoring them. Whether he is guilty of these accusations is incredibly important, however his harshness in countering the claims needs to be addressed. I don’t want a president who cannot act in a dignified manner. I could more easily dismiss the claims if Cain was not so malicious in his denials (though as a feminist I don’t dismiss these sorts of claims).

Part Two will talk about Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan and why it is bad for people across the board.





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