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New Years Project: 52 Books in 52 Weeks

I love reading books, or listening to books, anything bookish and lovely is amazing. Instead of deciding to make a stupid new years resolution (in fact I don’t believe in NYR’s), I thought maybe I should attempt to do something I love, more!

I would have loved to make it 100 books in a year, but frankly I don’t think I can do that. Classes get ahead of me (though it’ll be a reason to read books for classes?) and frankly, most of what I read is non-fiction, which takes me longer to get through. So every book I finish I must report back. I know this is supposed to be a political rantings blog, but I don’t always have things to say, or most of the time others say it better. So aside from political posts I’ll try and do mini-reviews of books.

I figured I might give myself an incentive. So, maybe I’ll do a two-fer NYR.

I am a makeup addict. It’s a little bit obscene. So, because I have more than enough to last me at least a few years, I’m not buying anymore makeup. Except when I finish a book, I put £1 into a jar for it. In order to buy makeup I must have finished enough books to buy it.

This will be very difficult 😛 You have no idea. But it’ll help curb my ridiculous spending on it all, plus since I mostly read non-fiction I get to learn new things 🙂

So let’s hope that in the next day or two I make sure anything I really really need makeup wise is bought xD I think I’m more than good right now though.


Why I scoff at those who insist you MUST be a feminist

Most of us feminists have seen the quotes, or paragraphs. Many of us may have used it on friends, family, maybe on our blogs. It’s stuff like this:

If you believe in, support, look fondly on, hope for, and/or work towards equality of the sexes, you are a feminist. Period.

Now, I am a feminist. But I can understand why some people would not define themselves as one. There are, of course, the nobs who don’t believe in men and women being equal, and those who just simply aren’t educated enough on what feminism actually is. There are other types also which need to be educated and really wittled down to come to a feminist friendly perspective.

However, these are not the ones I’m speaking of. These are the ones who have real reasons not to identify as a feminist.

Some of the early feminists were incredibly prejudiced. The first wave of feminism consisted of middle class white women, some who believed that they needed the right to vote in order to out-vote Black people. They were cissexist, ableist, and racist, among other horrible ‘ist’s. Margaret Sanger, champion of birth control, favoured eugenics, fighting for forced sterilisation of those who she deemed were ‘unfit’ (i.e. those with disabilities) to reproduce. Even just recently there was a situation where, on an event page from London Feminist Network, some self-proclaimed feminists were claiming that transwomen could not be feminists, were not ‘real women’ and are part of the problem. WOC still have to fight in order to get their ‘specialty’ concerns heard.

These are huge problems which must be addressed. They are valid reasons to reject a feminist identity in favour of a more inclusive one. Many feminists (I’d like to think I’m included in this) do try to fight against the prejudices in feminism, and those feminists should be supported. Until prejudice in feminism is eradicated, however, the movement will always have conscientious objectors. And I sympathise with them.