Why I’ll Never Forget This Year

Free Palestine

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No, it wasn’t the year I *found myself* or *the one* or any crap like that. This isn’t about me.

It’s about you.

No, not specifically you the reader. It’s about the world in general. This year was amazing. I’m sure we all know the reasons, but I wanted to make a post about it to convey how happy I am about this year.

The obvious first step to this little talk is the Arab Spring. To hear about so many uprisings which arose from oppression and corruption. From one count it seems 12 countries had at least major protests in the Middle East and North Africa. People are mad as hell, and they aren’t taking it anymore!

Social media has taken off and has become something more than just talking to friends about last night’s party. It has become the medium of civil unrest and organisation. I’ve learned so much about the world simply through social media alone. Twitter and Tumblr jump out to me the most, but Facebook has had its heyday this year too, with the organisation of the Egyptian protests and subsequent revolution.

Never in my life did I think that the United States would rise up and protest the corruption going on in the world. Occupy Wall Street and its successors have been a godsend for me, because it gave me a renewed hope that, with work, things can change.

I read some amazing books this year such as Michael Moore’s memoir Here Comes Trouble, Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, and Jessica Valenti’s The Purity Myth. These books and more have shaped me into a more well-rounded and more knowledgeable person (along with a few fiction books that I immensely enjoyed). Tumblr taught me about privilege and intersectionality, and it taught me to always question why, and it gave me a lot of answers.

I did find myself, or part of myself that I was missing this entire time. In the same way that all the protesters found their voices, they found their causes, I found my causes and my own voice. Although the next coming years seem laden with pessimism, I will aim to be optimistic, because so much good has happened this year. So much that can carry over to the next ones. I hope that somehow I can have a part in these things in the future.

But for now, happy new year šŸ™‚

x Nicole



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