6 of 52 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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I’ve just finished the 4th Harry Potter book, and I’m liking the series more and more. The series continues to become more complicated, each book adding more layers to the story. This is something I love about the series which I loved before the books, the vastness of information when it is supposed to be a children’s book. Rowling does a great job to immerse you in the story and to constantly be learning more.

I don’t remember much about this film as I think I’ve only seen it in full once. I believe though I’ve caught the ending on television a few times so I remember the end the most. It seems there is so much the films stripped away to get to the bare bones of the story, which definitely makes the films less colourful, though a bit easier to digest I guess.

As I’ve finished Life of Pi, I’m starting a few more books with Harry Potter. The Harry Potter series is not on my Kindle, whereas I have many more on my Kindle so I mostly take that everywhere and read other things while traveling and such. That’s one reason why I’m reading multiple things at once. That and I like to choose.


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