9 of 52 – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Oh I love this one so much 🙂 Really is one of my favourite of the films, and so far the favourite of the books. I love the complicatedness of Draco and Snape. Again, a lot of intricacies are left out of the film and I’m glad I’ve read this one so I didn’t miss out on it.

I find it interesting that, from what it seems, the films emphasize Harry and Dumbledore’s relationship much more than the books do. It seems in the films Dumbledore is nearly a father figure whereas in the books, he really is just the headmaster, who obviously is very wise and powerful. I may simply be reading too much into it however.

I’m very happy to be almost finished with the series though. For one, I’ll feel all accomplished and proud of myself. And then of course I can move on to other books. I’m also in the middle of Why I Believed by Kenneth W. Daniels, which is really great so far.


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