PETA proves yet again that it will promote anything in the name of veganism, even violence.

Last week PETA released yet another ridiculously disgusting ad. Trigger warning for aftermath of violence.

The beginning narration goes as follows:

“This is Jessica. She suffers from BWVAKTBOOM . Boyfriend Went Vegan, And Knocked The Bottom Out Of Me. A painful condition that occurs when boyfriends go vegan and can suddenly bring it like a tantric porn star.”

Let’s not forget the countless times PETA has objectified women and shamed fat people. Now they think it’s perfectly okay to depict a girl that was fucked so hard she is in visible pain, can barely walk properly and has a neck brace.

Yes, the actress looks happy in the end but this erases the painful reality of rape and domestic violence. There are some women who DO have to go back home to their abuser, who have to look happy to be there, lest they be beaten more. There are women who do get hurt so badly by someone that they need to wear a neck brace, that they can barely walk.

This reminds me of the scene in Twilight Breaking Dawn (thinking of the book here), where Bella wakes up covered in bruises and barely remembering anything from the night before because she was pretty much knocked out by the force. It was romanticised there too, yet it sends a message to women that it’s acceptable, and expected, that a man will hurt you out of ‘passion’.

If PETA wants to market veganism to men, why not do it in a way that actually looks fun for everyone, instead of glamourising violence?


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