Ramblings of an Angry Lion is my outlet for talking about current events and issues that affect my life and the lives of those around me. I am not here to tell you how to think. I am just saying what I think. I am a fallible being therefore am prone to making mistakes, but if you call them out to me I will correct them. This blog tries to be inclusive of all people and so if you find my language excludes you please feel free to contact me about it. I will try to add trigger warnings to potentially triggering subjects.

My name is Nicole Rios, and I’m an advocate for social justice. I grew up in a middle class town in a working class family. I’m bi-racial though pass for white. I’m a queer cis-woman who obsessively loves cats and hates totalitarianism. I’m a far left free-thinker who dabbles gaming and makeup. I like to educate myself about anything and everything.


One response to “About”

  1. hermanchad says :

    I love what you stand for, and the person you are striving to become. Every person that you have helped, say thank you. You were or are following a blog called opt4 whose goal was to prevent domestic violence and promote nonviolence. My name is Chad Herman, Visionary/Motivational speaker and I was writing that blog for over 3 years. Everything you saw on that blog was my creation…and I hope you liked it. Unfortunately, because of federal budget cuts, I no longer am able to keep up that blog. I hope that others will in my absence, but I don’t know. With that said: I have my own blog, motivatingforpositivechange.wordpress.com dedicated to the idea that “if we all did something to help a cause we truly believe in, we could change the world.” I still write about gender equality and nonviolence, in addition to multiple otrher causes and ways to continue creating positive change.Please check out motivatingforpositivecghange.wordpress,com. I promise you won’t be dissapointed!

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