Resources for Learning

I’m passionate about learning new things, and I think everyone else should be too. But I understand that going to university can be really expensive and time consuming, and some people simply aren’t privileged to be able to. So I wanted to create a page of online resources where you can go to different websites and listen to lectures, read books, and generally learn new things, all for free.

This is an ongoing project as new resources always crop up.

General Resources

iTunes U – Great resource for lectures from many different institutions. All have audio, some with video, some have PDFs and books.

OpenCourseWare Consortium – Started by MIT but now includes dozens of universities from around the world who contribute free course material and audio/video lectures from a wide range of courses. In many different languages.

webcast.berkeley – Free audio/video lectures from UC Berkeley. Includes many different subject areas which would be of interest to a wide range of people.


Radio Lingua – Network of podcasts/audio of many different languages, normally very short programs so good when you’re in a hurry. Most content is free but sometimes there’s premium (nonessential) content such as lesson guides for a fee.

Study Spanish – Print

Coffee Break Spanish (Audio) – Personally recommended, Spanish lessons in 15-20 minute blocks. Very very good.


Khan Academy – Though there are other courses, maths and sciences are this one’s specialty.


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