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You like feminism, but you’re no feminist

There’s a person who I’m friends with in my sociology course who, at any chance, will write their assessments about feminism. They really like feminism; they seem semi-convinced too. But their feminism is lacking in substance.

I have an issue with people who take sociology as their degree but do not take it seriously. They hear the lessons, they do relatively well in the assessments, but they don’t believe it enough to apply it to their lives. I’ve heard ‘how can  you be gay?’ countless times from students. When I write and tweet about feminist issues I’m an exception to the rule that young people don’t care.

They don’t care. Not enough to change their attitudes about their bodies, about other people’s bodies. They still shame others for their sexualities. Still read Cosmopolitan like it’s a holy text. This isn’t feminism.

You talk about heteronormativity, rape, the beauty myth, but you don’t believe it. If you did, you would live it. You would stop shaming yourself. You would start trying to love yourself for who you are. You wouldn’t just be engaging with feminism in theory, you’d be engaging with feminism in daily life.

I don’t know why so many people waste their time and money doing sociology if they’re not ready to critically engage with it. They just want to be spoon-fed, and it makes the experiences of those who actually find it enjoyable, less enriching than it really can be.

I know this is a rant entry, and normally I do like to be more detached, and less about my own life (though I do post some experiences, but normally far after the fact).


7 of 52 – Full Frontal Feminism

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While reading all the Harry Potter books, I have also been reading Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti.

Covering a range of topics, including pop culture, health, reproductive rights, violence, education, relationships, and more, Valenti provides young women a primer on why feminism matters. Valenti knows better than anyone that young women need a smart-ass book that deals with real-life issues in a style they can relate to. No rehashing the same old issues. No belaboring where today’s young women have gone wrong. Feminism should be something young women feel comfortable with, something they can own. Full Frontal Feminism is sending out the message to readers yeah, you’re feminists, and that’s actually pretty frigging cool.

I have mixed feelings about this book, I’ve read her newest book The Purity Myth and I absolutely loved it. I think between the both of them, The Purity Myth is probably better developed, and better written. That said, I think based on the audience it’s written for, it’s a great introduction to feminism. It’s mostly written for young women, mostly teenagers, who know very very little about feminism. Because I already am involved in academic feminism, I see it to have less academic rigour than all the other books I’ve read. But it IS an introduction, and one that young women who have the mainstream view of feminism can relate to. It definitely isn’t the end-all be-all of feminism, but it’s a good starting point.

As far as feminist introductions go, if you can get a hold of it Reclaiming the F Word by Catherine Redfern and Kristen Aune is a pretty fantastic introduction which has a lot more information while still being accessible. I have bell hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody on my list of books to read, and I can do a comparison on all three once I have 🙂